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Residential & Specialized Cleaning Service


Residential & Specialized Cleaning Service

We are competent in providing specialized cleaning services and our standards are on par with those of the best service providers in the world.  From regular cleaning to specialized cleaning and furniture and interior maintenance, our well-trained personnel offer tailor-made cleaning solutions.

Maintain a Forever New Appearance

Apart from routinized cleaning services, Abans Environmental Services provide special services including floor care, tile cleaning, and furniture and upholstery maintenance.  Moreover, we are specialized in providing floor care services for various surfaces such as wood, ceramic, slate, granite, marbles, and tiles. We offer the flexibility of getting the service of our cleaning experts for special occasions, post-construction activities, and seasonal residential cleaning.

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

While sofas and carpets enhance the look of living spaces, they also need to be properly maintained. We take extra care in cleaning your dusty sofas and dirty carpets as they make everything in your residence look unappealing.  Abans Environmental Services provides professional deep cleaning services to remove accumulated dust and dirt from carpets and sofas, which will extend their usable lifetime.

Hot Water Extraction

Also known as steam cleaning, this cleaning technique involves vacuuming and preconditioning. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of dirt and grime on various surfaces.

Upholstery Cleaning

We use professional methods to clean any type of commercial grade and furniture and fabrics. It is always recommended to get the service of a professional like us to clean your upholstery as choosing the right chemicals and techniques is the key.

Floor Maintenance

The state of the floors speaks volumes about the place. Simple surface cleaning and sweeping may not always be sufficient for the best look. We have the specialist and equipment needed to restore your floors and make them look spotless.

Strip and Wax: Our cleaning experts can completely remove the preexisting wax from floors, edges of door frames & baseboards, and reapply fresh layers of wax to give the surfaces a new life.

Top Scrub and Recoat: When the floor surfaces needs extended care, our cleaning experts remove the top layer embedded with dirt and replace it with a new finishing to make it look anew.

Spray Buff: We use this technique to remove dirt from the floor and revive it with a glossy we look, while fixing up any scuffs or minor scratches.


What Our Customers Are Saying About Abans Environmental (Pvt)Ltd

  • I obtained the Service from Abans Cleaning Services to get my home cleaned in Malabe. The construction has been completed and their was so much debree and dust in the full house. Vipula ensured that the necessary personnel visited the site and estimated what material they needed to bring to get the place cleaned. The team visited one morning, with huge machines and over 6 personnel which scared my Mother in Law, Have these cleaning people come to the correct address as this does not look like a cleaning of a home. Abans cleaning services cleaned the place and all I have to say it the place was "Sparkling". Thank you Vipula for your Honesty and how you take it upon yourself to ensure that the customer's are served to the best.

    Jyoti Ekanayake