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A Clean Place for a Healthy Life

Hospitals and other healthcare service providing facilities always need to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. Therefore, you should always get the service of a reliable cleaning partner who has the necessary knowledge as well as the technology to meet your expectations. Abans Environmental Services use high-quality materials and equipment and implement effective techniques to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination within the premises. Our cleaning experts will make sure that your facility is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected.


When seeking the service of a healthcare service provider, there are so many things a patient would consider, and cleanliness of the facility tops the list.  A clean and pleasant facility positively impacts on the overall reputation of your healthcare brand. With Abans Environmental Services, you can create the best service experience for your patients who completely depend on your service. Factors like cleanliness speak to pride in the facility, which leads to create better patient experiences and health outcomes.

Germ Control

A hospital or any other healthcare service providing facility is full of germy hotspots. Health consumers now have access to more information about quality and safety at hospitals than ever before. If your facility is not properly disinfected, there are obvious chances for cross-termination, which sometimes can be deadly. At Abans Environmental Services, we take germ mitigation very seriously as we are well aware of its significance. With our experienced cleaning personnel and expert techniques, we can assure that your healthcare service facility is safe for your patients and staff alike.


What Our Customers Are Saying About Abans Environmental (Pvt)Ltd

  • They have to date performed their duties to our satisfaction

    Dilan Meegoda Manager Procurement Camso Loadstar

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