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For a Clean and Clear Learning Environment

Schools/Educational Institutes are full of inspired students as well as germs. To keep students and the education facility safe and free from virus outbreaks and germ infections, regular cleaning and strict health protocols are mandatory. Apart from classroom activities, students engage in various extra-curricular activities as well. Therefore, they have constant physical contact with various high-touch areas, which are germy hotspots. Abans Environmental Services provide exceptional cleaning services so that your students can stay safe and enjoy a great learning experience. From general cleaning to disinfecting and sanitizing, we offer complete cleaning solutions.

Happy Parents

A healthy child is every parent’s dream. If a child gets sick, chances are that the entire family will also suffer from the same disease. Hence, an educational facility should take all necessary steps to make sure that the children’s health is not put to risk at any cost. Our cleaning experts ensure that your educational facility is clean, and the children will not take germs home.

Germ Mitigation

Maintaining a clean and sanitized educational facility is a necessity. It is important to constantly decontaminate high-touch areas where germs could land. A germ-free educational facility is a safe place where students can learn and thrive. We can create such an inspiring learning environment for your students as we are experts in germ mitigation.



What Our Customers Are Saying About Abans Environmental (Pvt)Ltd

  • I just handed over my house cleaning to Abans Environmental Services. They agreed and they turned up to execute the job. And there were 7 of them with all the equipment. They walked into the house with a smile that was so warm and energetic. So the cleaning began. I watched them as they did everything to perfection. Not even the slightest detail was superseded. All done and dusted still smiling they kept asking me if I was happy. All I had to do was to sit quietly and enjoy my day while the house got its sparkle. Simply superb. On completion I struggled to enter the house because of the dazzling floor. It’s a service that I recommend to all of you who wish to live in a clean environment. Abans Environmental Services you amaze me with your service. Thank you

    Irushi Aluwihare

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