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Abans Group cleans, sanitizes Fort Railway Station


Abans Group cleans, sanitizes Fort Railway Station

The entire world is working tirelessly to control the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Sri Lanka too, the impact was visible but was controlled due to the commendable and tireless efforts of the frontline doctors, nurses, medical support teams, and the tri-forces.

The long curfew period that was imposed is expected to be lifted soon, and Colombo will open up once more after over 40 days. The public will soon begin entering the city in large numbers for work and other necessary purposes. Public transport is one of the key modes that people use to travel, and the Fort Railway Station is the main doorway to the commercial hub.

Over 200,000 people constantly utilize this major touch point on a daily basis, therefore it is imperative that the safety and health of the passengers is secured.

Abans Group will be extending its support to the government to help safeguard the city. Abans Group will be cleaning and sanitizing the Fort Railway Station through its environmental services company, Abans Environmental Services (Pvt) LTD.

The project will be carried out for a period of one week, commencing on May 9, 2020, and will deploy over 30 Abans Environmental Services team members for this massive undertaking.

Making the health and safety of passengers a priority to combat the ongoing virus, this project will see the entire premises being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized meticulously by its dedicated personnel.